By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 27, 2018 @ 11:00 am
CVS Beauty - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

CVS is giving its beauty department a massive makeover, and honestly, the next time you walk in to restock on waterproof mascara, you probably won't even know you're in a drugstore.

In a partnership with the on-demand, in-home beauty service Glamsquad, CVS will transform its beauty department into a "shop-in-shop" experience called BeautyIRL — or "in real life" for those who aren't addicted to texting acronyms.

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It's a mission to not only make drugstore beauty shopping more productive, but all-around more enjoyable through features like a "#TrendingNow" wall that highlights trending indie brands, a section dedicated to mini-sized beauty products, and even an expanded K-Beauty section.

What really sets this apart from any other drugstore revamp is that CVS will now offer walk-in and on-demand beauty services with Glamsquad pros, like 30-minute makeup refreshers, dry-styling, blowouts, and skincare services. And ending the biggest drugstore beauty woe of all time — not being able to test product — CVS will now also have a "Test-and-Play Hygiene Bar" so that shoppers can actually try on product before purchasing.

The downside? Right now, BeautyIRL is only available in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as two stores in Florida, but there are plans to expand the new format to additional locations (and online!) in 2019.

And just like that, the amount of drugstore beauty hauls increased exponentially.