Glamglow's Upcoming Launch Is Literally Out of This World

Glamglow gravity mask
Photo: Sarah Balch for

It's one small step for Glamglow, but one giant leap for your skin care regime. Achieving a stellar complexion is a goal we're constantly chasing, and with the launch of its upcoming staple, everyone's favorite mud mask brand is bringing that goal within reach.

After spending more than a year in development, Glamglow will be rolling out its GravityMud mask in early 2016, which is designed to give firming and toning results in a chrome-colored peel-off formula you'd expect to see on Judy Jetson's vanity. While we're used to applying the brand's masks when winding down after a long day, GravityMud is also perfect as a pre-makeup treatment, with the Icelandic kelp, glacial clay, and marshmallow leaf elements working to create a more defined contour in an instant.

Even better, the mask itself takes on a cool transformative quality on contact with your skin. The liquid, which is designed to be spread on with the included brush, begins with a pearly white finish, and as it dries over the course of 20 minutes, it changes into a full-on silver hue. Unlike other peelable formulas, which can flake off in pieces, GravityMud has been designed to be removed in one complete sheet, leaving behind no residue or stray pieces, which makes for some oddly satisfying results.

Find the Glamglow GravityMud exclusively at Sephora stores and for $69 starting in January.

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