By Erin Lukas
Updated May 04, 2016 @ 11:45 am
Ouai Haircare Pills - Lead 2016
Credit: OUAI Haircare/Instagram

Here’s a vitamin your mom wouldn’t have to force you to take. Jen Atkin, the stylist behind the Kardashians' ever-changing hairstyles just launched hair supplements as the latest addition to her Ouai Haircare line.

The three vitamins target common hair issues that many of us suffer from including dryness, an oily scalp, and thinning hair. Along with biotin and Omega 3&6 which promote hair growth and shine, the pills contain doses of natural active ingredients like black currant seed oil, vitamin E, and amino acids that work to improve the condition of your strands.

Supplements have never been a product you want to show off on your vanity—until now. Ouai’s supplements are cased in Atkin’s signature minimalist monochromatic packaging, and we have to say, popping vitamins has never been so chic. Head over to now to shop the supplement lineup now for $24 per pack, and starting May 12.