Give Your Home a Happy Dose of Pioneer Chic

Photo: Courtesy

Here's a new home trend that's exploring new ground: Pioneer Chic! There's a wave of American-based artisans who are transforming formerly fundamental objects, like arrows and teepees, into decorative pieces of art, showcasing their appreciation (and sometimes sense of humor) for these once unconsidered objects. Lucky you, giving in to this bubbling design trend won't lead you down uncharted territory, but they will give your indoor space a certain je ne sais quoi—in a good way!

Inspired by the spirit of childhood glee, a fluorescent slingshot by the artist Adam Gray is electrifying enough to stand alone as the main attraction atop a pile of books on your coffee table.


We'll be the first to admit we're suckers for a perfectly-tailored flower arrangement, but why not swap out those traditional fresh blooms with something a little more eclectic like these hand-painted arrows from Mineral & Matter and thread-wrapped beauties from Fredericks and Mae. They're as vibrant as any natural bud, and longer lasting.


Looking for some unexpected wall decor? Create a large X with a pair of handcrafted paddles from Norquay Co or line them up horizontally along the wall. If you're living water-side, you're in luck! Fully functional, you can take them right off the wall and straight into the water. (These Ralph Lauren-approved oars are on display in the 5th Avenue store, so swing by for a peek if you're in the NYC area.)


For the little ones, Wolfum’s canvas teepee becomes a retreat that can be as zen or zany as they want to make it. And don't forget about the kitties! These adorable hand-printed Cat Tipi's are the perfect resting ground for your favorite feline companion.

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