By Katie Donbavand
Updated Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:18 am
A Breath of Fresh Air painted room
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Want an easy way to rejuvenate your apartment for the spring? It's as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

Interior designer Brian Gluckstein compares a fresh coat of paint on your walls to a new pair of shoes in your closet: “It’s like fashion — you change your accessories seasonally.”

So what shade should you embrace? Gluckstein’s suggestion for the most of-the-moment color is Benjamin Moore’s recently announced color of the year. It is — literally! — a breath of fresh air.

The Benjamin Moore international team of experts culled inspiration from the New York runways, Paris furniture showrooms, and even unexpected places like Detroit’s auto industry to find the perfect color: A Breath of Fresh Air (806). The soothing blue captures the color of a handful of sea glass, a blueberry macaron, or a pre-twilight summer sky.“We wanted the color to be light and liveable,” explains Benjamin Moore’s Color and Design Manager Andrea Magno. “ A Breath of Fresh Air is harmonious. It can transform space into a refuge from chaos,” she told us.

If you can’t commit to painting a full room with the ethereal blue, the Benjamin Moore team suggests starting small with a piece of wooden furniture or the backs of your bookshelves. "We’ll do it a lot," said Gluckstein of his latest design projects. "Especially in kitchens. That pop of color [in shelving] really transforms the space.”

Breath of Fresh Air Painted Bath Tub
Credit: Courtesy Photo

To embrace two trends in one, interior designer Sharon Grech suggests using A Breath of Fresh Air in a chic, unexpected way: paint your tub! “It’s very trendy. We’re seeing a lot of painted bathtubs right now,” she told us. “A painted tub becomes a conversation piece!”