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It's no secret that Gisele Bündchen is an advocate for Mother Earth—the supermodel currently acts as a United Nations Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador, and she regularly speaks out about her quest to better the environment. The latest good cause she's thrown her star-power behind? The United Nations' Wild for Life campaign, which she's calling on her fans to support.

"Recently, I was made aware of the numerous challenges facing so many of our most beloved species because of the illegal trade in wildlife. This shameful trade is pushing species to the edge of extinction," Bündchen wrote in a blog post for Huffington Post. "Nonetheless, there is hope. We need to prompt a radical, global shift in thinking about the illegal trade in wildlife. This is why I am supporting the United Nation’s Wild for Life campaign, which begins today... Let’s all join together to be part of shepherding the change and help stop unnecessary extinctions of our wildlife for greed. My goal is to share my knowledge and inspire you to help me take action by creating awareness and ultimately bringing an end to this global wildlife crisis."

What motivated the mother of two to get involved? Her children and own personal experiences inspired her. "We see the benefits of nature’s inspiration in the world around us and I see its positive influence in my own children. I love that they have a fascination with butterflies, worms, and the colors of the seasons. They are genuinely happiest at play in our yard or by the sea, discovering all nature has to offer," she said. "Animals are part of all our worlds and most people who care deeply about animals, the environment, and the planet have had a transformative moment in nature during childhood. My own experiences of connecting with nature and animals have shaped the person I am today."

Bündchen also took to Instagram to promote the campaign, sharing a photo with a length caption detailing the cause. Check it out below, and find out how you can get involved in the Wild for Life campaign at

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