By Brandi Fowler
Updated: Mar 30, 2018 @ 12:59 pm

Even Gisele Bündchen has her guilty pleasures when it comes food.

The former Victoria’s Secret supermodel opened up about one of them during a recent interview with WSJ. Magazine, telling the outlet she can’t get enough of a very popular Dunkin’ Donuts item.

“Do you know those things called Munchkins?'' she asked the mag. “Oh, my God," she continued. "I cannot have one [munchkin]. I have to have, like, 10. They're so tiny ... it’s a guilty pleasure." Same.

Venturelli/Getty Images

While Bündchen and her hubby Tom Brady have made it no secret that they follow strict diets, the statuesque stunner still can’t resist making an exception for the sweet treats. And her footballer beau has a lot to do with the reason behind it.

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The mom of two said her Munchkin obsession started because of their 8-year-old son Benjamin’s hockey practices. Brady suggested that they start bringing boxes of them to his practices and she got hooked.

“It’s become a thing that we bring it,” she said.

The occasional Dunkin’ Donut binge aside, the gorgeous couple doesn’t play when it comes to eating healthy. Brady has been open about his strict diet, in which he avoids white sugar, white flour, MSG, caffeine, fungus, dairy and, yes, even nightshades.