Girls Star Zosia Mamet on Shoshanna's Unattainable Hairstyles

Zosia Mamet
Photo: Courtesy HBO (3)

Zosia Mamet may have mastered intricate braids, updos, and chignons as the endearing prepster Shoshanna Shapiro on Girls, but the actress has never had the urge to replicate her on-screen persona. “I literally don't own a brush,” she told with a laugh at the Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship in Film VIP opening dinner. “And I can't remember the last time I washed my hair!” Still, she’ll be no stranger to the look — the cast is currently working on season 3 of the series where Mamet is putting her Shoshanna character to work. "She changes her hair everyday!" Mamet said.

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— Alyssa Bailey

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