The final season of

Girls is almost upon us. Come Feb. 12, 2017, we will have officially embarked on the beginning of the end of a television era. As always, a new season of Girls is cause for celebration, but the final season of Girls? We have some mixed feelings this time around.

Luckily, the new season’s official teaser was released on Tuesday, and it gave us a lot to unpack while we await the season premiere.

Right off the bat, we’re met with the pop-culture infusion for which the series is known: an un-amused Hannah sits outside her apartment, clad in a lemon-printed top (hello, Lemonade!). Then Marnie and Desi pull up in an old fashioned convertible and the source of Hannah’s ennui is made clear.

From the quick succession of clips that follows, we’ve made a few predictions about the season: Hannah takes surf lessons; Elijah follows his dreams; Shoshanna endures yet another post-grad crisis. Plus, it looks like Adam and Jessa are still together (noooo).

The only thing we’re confused by is the fate of star-crossed lovers Ray and Marnie. Though the tease is only 40 seconds long, Marnie and Ray share zero screen time. The only smidge of Ray we get in the clip is a sly smile, which seems to be in response to something Shoshanna said or did—could they be getting back together?

Consider the many possibilities—it's all we can really do until Feb. 12!