Girls Season 2, Episode 5 Fashion: Why Hannah Wore Shorteralls, Again

Girls shorteralls
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A lot happened on Girls this week! Hannah (Lena Dunham) quit her job at Grumpy's and tried her hand at a big-girl relationship with a doctor named Joshua (guest star Patrick Wilson). And, in the fashion department, she wore her second pair of "shorteralls" this season, this time a Topshop romper with parrot print. "Hannah sort of ends up in an unexpected spot, but she starts at work, so we wanted it to be something that could travel," explained costume designer Jenn Rogien (inset), who is nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for Girls. "It continues the 'shorteralls' theme that Hannah's been on, so it made sense that she would wear something like that to work—and that she would think that that particular piece was fun." And that's not all! Click through the gallery to get more inside scoop from Rogien about Girls fashion.

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