Girls Is Back! Here's the Scoop on Marnie's Wedding Look

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Allison Williams and her Girls character, Marnie Michaels, have one thing in common—they both just got married! The fifth season of the HBO series kicked off Sunday night with Marnie’s farmhouse wedding, but between the rainy forecast, a botched hair and makeup job, and her fiancé Desi’s cold feet, the day started off pretty rocky. In true Girls fashion, they rallied and picked up the pieces just before the ceremony started.

Aside from the pre-wedding shenanigans, we couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous and fun Marnie’s dress was, so we caught up with the show's costume designer, Jenn Rogien, who gave us the scoop on all things wedding. "Lena [Dunham] mentioned Stone Fox Bride and from there it was all about the beautiful gown that you see in the episode,” Rogien tells InStyle. "I wanted Marnie's wedding dress to fit cohesively with her look as it had evolved through Season 4. As she committed to her musical career, her closet evolved toward a more relaxed feeling in her clothing—softer fabrics, neutral colors with touches of metallics, and current jewelry and accessories. I wanted that to carry through to the dress.”

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Mark Schafer/HBO

As for the bridesmaid looks, Rogien chose Dessy dresses that she found online in the "sueded rose" color. “We went with that color in part because Lena thought Marnie would have loved the name of it,” Rogien explains. Even the draping of each girl’s dress was done very deliberately. "I wanted the way each dress was draped or tied to reflect how each girl would approach wearing it,” she says. "The script mentioned that Hannah was somehow wearing her dress wrong in a few scenes. My challenge was finding a dress that would help play the comedy of those scenes as well as fit with Marnie's idea of how her wedding should look.”

Rogien’s ultimate goal for this episode was to keep the entire vibe as "Marnie" as possible. "We all wanted to create an event that would be deeply personal for her,” Rogien says. "So much of our inspiration came from Lena and Jenni [Konner], the script, and the beautiful historic farm where we shot the episode. I wanted all the costume elements to reflect Marnie's style and what she would want for her incredibly planned out relaxed and romantic rustic wedding."

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