HBO Girls
Credit: HBO/Jessica Miglio

Following the girls from HBO's Girls as they stumble through life's trials and tribulations is entertaining for sure, but it's not just the plot points that have caught our attention—it's the beauty, too, namely their hairstyles. Ever since Shoshanna debuted the now-famous donut-bun (styled by Vanessa Heshima Sims) last season, the girls' updos have come to mean so much more than just "hair," reflecting and defining their personality. Just like the characters' story arc, their hairstyles have evolved as well.

Enter the woman behind the girls' hair evolution: Sherry Heart. "In the beginning, we got notes from HBO to make the hairstyles worse, messier," she tells exclusively. "We want the characters to seem very real and we stick with what the characters can actually do themselves—almost make it look bad, like it's clear she did this herself and she's not very good at it." And to make that authenticity really stick, Heart, who is based in Brooklyn, looks to the streets for inspiration, re-interpreting the 'dos she sees on the show. "Girls is loved by so many people—people who are turning to it for style cues," she says. "So, when I started doing braids on show, I started seeing a lot of braids on the street, and I didn't know if it was because of Girls or if it was the trend I saw—I didn't know which came first."

But the show's trademark unkempt tresses might be a thing of the past as the characters develop and mature. Heart confirms there are nicer, more stylized 'dos in season 3. Read on for an inside scoop of what you can expect to see with a break down of each girl's look:

Hannah (Lena Dunham): "Hannah got her hair hair cut going into the season. Lena wanted a change and wrote it into the script, and after seeing it played out, it made total sense. Hannah is a no-nonsense kind of a girl—she’s finding that a short haircut suits her. To style her hair, I use Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, and finish it off with Matrix Design Pulse Messy Couture Molding Paste to give her layers separation."

Marnie (Allison Williams): "Marnie is a lot more refined. I think her character thinks she has pretty good hair and wants to present it as though she’s perfect. Marnie is pretty conservative and doesn’t try a lot of different things, so we did a lot of curly ‘dos on her."

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet): "Shoshanna is a very quirky character. She's the type of person who would see something in magazines and try to do it on her hair, even though it wouldn’t turn out exactly the way it should. For season three, there will be a surprise hairdo every now and then, but we left it down a little more than we used to."

Jessa (Jemima Kirke): "Jessa is very creative and musses with her hair more than the average girl. Her hair is like a work of art on her head usually in the form of braids and messy buns. We decided to leave her hair down more this season—Jemima's hair is the longest it’s ever been."