Before the Girls Finale, Recreate Shoshanna's Best Do Of The Season

Girls Season Finale - Shoshanna Hair
Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

The Girls season finale is tonight, and we are already filled with pangs of withdrawl. While we can only guess what the group will get up to, the unpredictable events are only mirrored by the many unexpected style moments over the course of season three. Shoshanna, played by Zosia Mamet, has continued her streak of interesting hairstyles. In anticipation for tonight's episode, we caught up with the show's hairstylist Sherry Heart for exclusive tips on how to recreate her favorite 'do: the look from episode three "She Said OK."

"It's Hannah's birthday, and all the girls are dressed up and trying to be the great hipsters they are," Heart says. "Shoshanna has multiple top-knots on her head, which is consistent for that character when she goes out for a night of fun."

To try your hand at Shoshanna's intricate updo, Heart recommends first sectioning off your hair. "Start with a part running straight from ear to ear over the middle of your head," she says. "Make 4 sections vertically and down the back of your head; then take each section and use a Scunci No Damage Hair Elastic ($4; to tie the areas off into a ponytail." Once you have four ponytails across the back of your head, back comb each to add volume, then begin twisting the length around the base of each ponytail, and pin into place. The sweeping fringe makes for the final touch. "Find a part you are comfortable with, and swoop your bangs down onto your forehead," she adds. "If your hair is long enough to go behind your ears, then tuck it behind them and pin into place."

Catch the season finale of Girls on HBO, tonight at 10 PM EST, and if you have any hair questions for Heart before the episode airs, be sure to ask them during her live Twitter party from 9:30 to 10 PM at her handle @SherryHeart!

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