Girls Fashion: 4 Girls, 4 Outfits, The Looks Costume Designer Jenn Rogien Thinks Were the Most Memorable of All Season

Girls season 2 finale
Photo: Courtesy HBO

The Girls season 2 finale aired last night! And while each Girl—save the missing Jessa (Jemima Kirke)—had a pivotal, emotional moment to wrap up the last ten episodes (Marnie [Allison Williams] and Charlie, awww), there were also, as always, standout style moments, too. That's why we caught up with costume designer Jenn Rogien for the last time this season to ask her what her favorite looks were, and she gave us her top outfit for each. "Every time I think I get to the most fun look, or the weirdest or the most uncomfortable, another look comes along that's all of those things all over again," Rogien told this morning (think Hannah's [Lena Dunham] mesh tank top). Click through for Jenn's favorite looks.

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