Credit: Nicole Rivelli/ABC via Getty Images, HBO, Courtesy

The holidays are great except for one thing: All of our favorite shows take a winter hiatus and we are left with reruns (though we did get some pretty good Christmas specials out of it!). But luckily, with 2015 right around the corner the wait is almost over for most of your favorite shows. Here are the mid-season premiere dates for all your must-see TV. Mark your American idolcalendars!

January 4

The Mentalist (CBS, Season 7 premiere)The Good Wife (CBS, Season 6B premiere)Downton Abbey (PBS, Season 5 premiere)

January 6

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Season 5B premiere)Switched at Birth (ABC Family, Season 4 premiere)Cougar Town (TBS, Season 6 premiere)

January 7

American Idol (Fox, Season 14 premiere)

January 9

Glee (Fox, Season 6 premiere)

January 11

Shameless (Showtime, Season 5 premiere)House of Lies (Showtime, Season 4 premiere)Episodes (Showtime, Season 4 premiere)Girls (HBO, Season 4 premiere)Looking (HBO, Season 2 premiere)

January 13

Parks and Recreation (NBC, Season 7 premiere)

January 14

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX, Season 10 premiere)Melissa & Joey (ABC Family, Season 4 premiere)Baby Daddy (ABC Family, Season 4 premiere)Broad City (Comedy Central, Season 2 premiere)Web Therapy (Showtime, Season 4B premiere)

January 28The Americans (FX, Season 3 premiere)Suits (USA, Season 4B premiere)

January 29Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 11B premiere*)Scandal (ABC, Season 4B premiere*)How to Get Away With Murder (ABC, Season 1B premiere*)

February 1The Blacklist (NBC, Season 2B premiere*, after the Super Bowl)

February 4Nashville (ABC, Season 3B premiere)

February 8

The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 5B premiere)

February 23The Voice (NBC, Cycle 8 premiere)The Night Shift (NBC, Season 2 premiere)

February 25Survivor (CBS, Cycle 30 premiere)The Amazing Race (CBS, Cycle 26 premiere)

February 27House of Cards (Netflix, Season 3 premiere)

March 1Once Upon a Time (ABC, Season 4B premiere)

March 26

Bones (Fox, Season 10B premiere)