Credit: Cristi Smith-Jones/Twitter

For every day of February, Black History Month, a 5-year-old girl from Washington State is recreating photos of famous, influential black woman and the results are stunning.

According to a local news outlet, the photography project came about after young Lola of Kent was fascinated by a documentary on Martin Luther King Jr. she had seen at school. Her mother, Cristi, thought it was an opportunity to educate her daughter on the history of the Civil Rights movement. "It is extremely helpful that Lola truly emulates the women she's portraying," Mom told "She gets into character and just nails it."

"The idea of giving her some people who did really brave, cool things to look up to felt important to me," she added. "She's shy and a little bit meek in social setting, so I thought maybe if she finds out about these women who fought for rights or stood up for themselves maybe she'll learn about confidence and bravery."

Rosa Parks, Misty Copeland, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Tubman are just a few of the history-making women whose photos Lola and her mother recreated.

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Scroll down below to see some of Lola's most adorable and on-point costumes, and check out her mom's Twitter account to check out the images that are still to come.