By Samantha Simon
Updated Dec 06, 2014 @ 4:06 pm
Credit: Courtesy

Bring on the girl power! Alice + Olivia is breaking out a new collaboration with a female empowerment twist. The label teamed with Piece & Co., an organization that pairs fashion brands with female-run artisan collectives in nearly fifty developing countries. “I thought this would be a perfect collaboration, being a woman who designs for other women with the goal of making them feel empowered and confident,” Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet tells InStyle.

To further promote the mission, Bendet, whose own company employs more than 300 women, developed a way to get shoppers more involved. “I created a special hang-tag postcard, so customers can write a message of kindness to the women who handmade this special fabric and send it back to them,” she says. “It unifies the entire mission of women supporting women.”

Credit: Courtesy

When it came to choosing a color palette, Bendet looked to Mexico, the place where the fabrics were hand-woven. “I was inspired by the landscape’s deep blue oceans and hot yellow sun,” she says. “The colors are bright to mimic the vibrancy of the traditional Oaxacan weaving pattern from the Zapotec culture, while also keeping in theme with our pre-spring collection.”

And while the pieces may pack a sunny vibe, they’re perfect to rock at any holiday soiree this winter. “Pair the skirt with a sequin blazer,” Bendet says. “Or wear the crop top with a long full skirt to create a look that is unique and still completely chic.”