The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for H&M Designer: 'Everyone Has Some Lisbeth in Them'

Girl with Dragon Tattoo
Photo: Courtesy of H&M; Courtesy of MGM; Getty Images

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s lead character Lisbeth Salander inspired a new capsule collection for H&M! To get the inside scoop, caught up with Trish Summerville, inset, the designer behind the collaboration and costume designer for the upcoming movie based on the popular Stieg Larsson trilogy. “We took the key pieces of her costumes and cleaned them up and made them more wearable,” Summerville explained of the 30-item lineup at the Los Angeles H&M showroom this weekend. "My goal is if you could take a piece in the collection and work it into things you have yourself." And while the collection of boots, pants, accessories, and tops looks as grunge and punk as something Salander would wear—including the $199 H&M interpretation of Salander's signature motorcycle jacket, shown—Summerville designed it for a range of women. “Everybody has a little bit of Salander in them,” she says. “Or everybody wishes they did. The reason people love that character, especially women, is that we all wish we had a little part of that ferociousness in us. When it does come down to it, it’s about fight or flight, and I think there is a part where we all wish we could just fight.”The collection, which ranges from $4 to $199, will hit stores on December 14th—just in time for the film’s December 21st release.

See the entire The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for H&M collection in the gallery!

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Sharon Clott, reporting by Michelle Ward

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