Ginnifer Goodwin on Playing a Bad Girl in Something Borrowed

Photo: Lionel Hahn/AbacaUsa

We’re used to seeing Ginnifer Goodwin as the good girl, but in her next role as Rachel in Something Borrowed, the pixie-haired actress will play a woman who has an affair with her best friend’s fiancé. Scandalous! "In the film, I make choices that are off my personal moral compass—except I do respect that my character is following her heart and her heart is pure,” she told us at the TOD’s luncheon benefiting the Museum of Contemporary Art last week. "It was super fun to play. It was hard to wrap my brain around her justifications, but I greatly enjoyed doing so." Ginnifer does, however, cop to "borrowing" a pair of rubber Givenchy sandals from the set. “I’ve worn them everywhere from the beach to walking around Vegas—they’re great with jeans or sundresses!” Look for them when Something Borrowed hits theaters in June 2011.

—Reporting by Lindzi Scharf

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