Gina Rodriguez on Jane The Virgin - Lead
Credit: Facebook/Jane The Virgin

When we heard Britney Spears would be appearing on Jane the Virgin in an upcoming episode, we were defintiely excited, but perhaps not as excited as the show's star Gina Rodriguez. "I tweeted her that I literally fell out of my chair, because I did fall out of my chair when I found out she'd be on an episode," Rodriguez told InStyle during a Crest launch event in New York City this week. "I was with my friends at freaking lunch, so when I heard the news, I pulled this super-dramatic move and was like 'Y'all don't even know! Y'all don't even know!' and started turning around in circles, becuase when I was growing up, it was all about Britney."

Like the rest of us who grew up in the post-Spice era, Spears' "Baby One More Time" got regular play in Rodriguez's household, and to this day, the actress notes the single as her favorite Britney song of all time. "I was totally all about those pigtails and the school outfit—that was iconic," Rodriguez said. "She definitely paved the way, I think, for a lot of female popstars, and I'm so excited she'll be part of the family." Though Spears has only been confirmed for one episode, Rodriguez hinted that the upcoming season will hold no shortage of amazing guest stars, and is keeping her fingers crossed for the pop princess to stay on for a few more plotlines. "We may not want to let her go! She may not want to go," she adds. "I was like, 'Y'all said one episode, but I think she should be on for five!'" Your move, Jane the Virgin writers.