Gossip Girl - LEAD
Credit: Warner Bros/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

In just two short months, Gilmore girls Rory and Lorelai will be re-introduced to living rooms nationwide, stirring longtime fans to refresh their caffeine-drip IVs and binge on all the pop culture that’s come to pass in the nine years since the series' finale. But today being National Coffee Day, the focus is on the former.

There’s no doubt that the Gilmore girls are celebrating the occasion out in that fast-talking fictional universe they call home. At the very least, the series’ official Twitter page is doing it for them.

On Wednesday, the account introduced fans to the latest poster for the series’ Nov. 25 Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In the latest advertisement, the series’ title Girls, Lorelai and her daughter Rory, hold matching coffee cups to their mouths and peer out at the viewer with their baby blues.

The tweet’s caption gets at the heart of the Gilmores’ message with a classic Lorelai quote: “’Drink it. Shoot it. Eat it. Snort it. Whatever form it's in, gimme.’ #NationalCoffeeDay.”

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Well said, Lorelai.