By Isabel Jones
Oct 19, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
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Somewhere in the land of Stars Hollow, two Lorelais of the Gilmore variety are on the brink of a deadly sugar coma—this isn’t just any weekend binge-fest, the mother-daughter-duo is celebrating the most impressive achievement of their adult lives: They’ve inspired an ice cream flavor.

Ahead of the series' Netflix revival, N.Y.C. ice cream shop Ample Hills is in the process of creating a Gilmore Girls-inspired ice cream flavor. Two days ago, the Brooklyn-based creamery reached out to their Instagram followers with a very important and prestigious task: to decide which flavor of ice cream will forever be known as the Gilmore Girls flavor. Yes, it’s all up to you—comment on Ample Hills’s Instagram post for the chance to make TV-themed-dessert history. Plus, the winner gets "a free pint, a cup of coffee, and an invitation to Friday night dinner."

The contest is running through Oct. 31, so there’s plenty of time to channel to your inner Ben & Jerry—but we think the entries thus far would make Rory and Lorelai proud. Suggestions range from “Pop tarts for Paul Anka” to "Al's Pancake Swirl”—check them out for yourself in the comments section.

If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and want something cold, all you have to do is name this scoop, and you'll win this in one fell swoop...It’s time to summon The Town Troubadour and call Michel to make a reservation at The Dragonfly: The #GilmoreGirls are returning this Thanksgiving, and we are making a flavor to celebrate. Whether you are Team Jess or Team Dean, we are calling on you to create and name a flavor worthy of this Stars Hollow reunion. Put on your Sookie chef hat, fill up at Luke's Diner, stop by Doose’s Market, and tap into your inner Paris Geller to fire up that competitive spirit to produce pop culture references so rapid-fire it would make Lauren Graham blush. Comment below with your suggested names and flavor combinations. The winner gets a free pint, a cup of coffee, and an invitation to Friday night dinner. Contest ends 10/31.

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