Fans Are Convinced Gigi Hadid Revealed the Sex of Her and Zayn Malik's Baby on Instagram

The couple is reportedly expecting their first child together. 

Though neither party has shared the news publicly, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are reportedly expecting their first child together. Reports have the model at 20 weeks along, and while it’s unclear whether the couple knows the sex of their child, fans sure have a lot of thoughts on the matter.

Social media users are speculating that a clue about the sex of the child (children?) can be found in the Instagram slideshow she posted following her 25th birthday last week.

Hadid posed with two silver balloons on her birthday — a 2 and a 5 — the 2 had a blue ribbon dangling from its string, while the 5 had a pink one. In the sixth photo in the slideshow, Hadid and Malik are photographed hugging, and the former is holding just one balloon, the 2.

Fans have (of course) taken this to mean that Hadid’s party doubled as a reveal of the baby’s sex and ... it's a boy.

Oh, and the plot thickens … Remember the gift bags Bella Hadid posted to her Instagram story on Gigi’s birthday? Well, one of them was Baby Shark-themed (a clue in itself) and the design of the other was obscured by a strangely placed sunflower emoji — Hadid was trying to keep the bag’s message hidden.

Fans have (OF! COURSE!) tracked down the mystery bag, and it displays quite a telling phrase: “hello little one” (!!!).

I mean, times are strange, maybe the store Hadid went to only had baby shower-themed gift bags? Maybe pink and blue were the only available ribbon colors?? It could happen …

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