By Olivia Bahou
Updated Jan 09, 2018 @ 12:15 pm

Gigi Hadid is used to having a gaggle of paparazzi follow her every move. Case in point: She was photographed in multiple varying areas of Manhattan on Monday, and she’s not in the midst of a press tour or fashion week.

But when she stepped out in NoHo last night, the model brought along a new pet. After all, the photographers already had dozens of photos of her in the same outfit that day—might as well add a new accessory, and it came in the form of a unicorn balloon.

Credit: TheStewartofNY/Getty Images

Even better, she trailed it behind her, pretending that the string was a leash and the balloon was her new pet. Paired with her Barbie pink box purse by Stalvey, it made for some hilarious photos. But even funnier was the totally serious expression on Hadid’s face, failing to crack and break a smile despite the fact that she was dragging a unicorn on a leash.

Credit: TheStewartofNY/Getty Images

Here’s to more balloon animal pets in 2018.