The pair ended their fling a month ago.

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron's short-lived romance has come full circle, as their relationship just ended the same way it began: on Instagram.

The supermodel — who initially began to follow the Bachelorette contestant this summer — decided to unfollow Cameron on the social media platform a month after they allegedly broke up, and the reality star followed suit.

Gigi Hadid Each x Other Paris Fashion Week
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Us Weekly first reported the news, and it appears to be true. If you search both of their followers, you won't find either name listed. However, a source told the outlet, the unfollowing “doesn’t mean that they aren’t speaking or have any bad blood between them.”

“Tyler still thinks of Gigi as a friend,” the insider added. “They were really close, and he still likes and respects her, even though the romantic portion of their relationship is over.”

The pair began dating in August, and things moved fast with Tyler even accompanying Gigi to her grandmother's funeral in the Netherlands. Two months later, Cameron declared he was "single" on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Gigi Hadid Tyler C
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While neither Gigi nor Tyler have commented publicly on their split, the model did wear a shady sweater emblazoned with the phrase "Boys Lie, Goodbye" post-breakup.

Many believed this was Gigi's not-so-subtle way of confirming she and Tyler were done. Combine that with the recent social media diss, and conspiracy theorists are beginning to believe things did not end amicably as they claim.