The resemblance is uncanny. 

Gigi Hadid 2019 CMA Awards
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

What's more rare than catching Gigi Hadid without her long, flowing beachy waves is seeing the supermodel without her signature shade of dark blonde hair — which is exactly why Hadid's latest Chanel photoshoot is throwing everyone off.

On Dec. 4, the supermodel was spotted posing topless on the roof of Paris' Opera Garnier wearing a short dark brunette wig. Albeit this look is a bit shorter than Bella Hadid's current blunt bob, but at first glance Gigi looks exactly like her younger sister.

Gigi Hadid Brown Hair

Gigi rarely changes her hair unless she's wearing a wig on the runway or for a photoshoot. So it's always fun to see her with a look that's a complete departure from her usual laid-back California vibe — especially when it creates a cute twinning moment with her sister.

The Hadid's signature hair colors might be the complete opposite of one another, but this isn't the first time they've almost morphed into each other when one of them decided to switch things up. This past spring, Bella channeled her sister's lighter hair when she went kept going blonder and blonder, until she eventually went back to being a brunette.

Even though Gigi's short dark hair may be a wig, it works for her. So if the model ever decides to completely go with a new look, we hope she considers revisiting this one.