Gigi Hadid's Rainbow Eyeshadow Serves Major Mermaid Realness

Gigi Hadid Rainbow Makeup Lead
Photo: erinparsonsmakeup/instagram

Painting with all the colors of the wind may be one tall order, but Gigi Hadid and mer makeup artist Erin Parsons are certainly giving it the old college try. Yesterday on the set of a yet-to-be-revealed Maybelline project, Hadid took over the brand's Snapchat to show off her day-glo makeup look, and we are living for it. "Intergalactic mermaid unicorn power ranger is what we decided to call this look," the pro wrote on Instagram. An appropriate title, we figure—like if Rainbow Brite were moonlighting as a makeup artist for Zenon (you know, girl of the 21st century), this would probably be the gorgeous final result. While the eyes are the main focus, Parsons did some highlighting with a blue shade on her cupid's bow, and a fuchsia tone on her cheeks. Celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose finished off the look with the rainbow-chrome nail design below. Obsessed does not even begin to describe our feelings. We can't wait to see Maybelline's big reveal, but until then, we'll be over here making feeble attempts at recreating the color spectum on the model's eyes.

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