Gigi Hadid has managed to get her three favorite things in one picture and prepare yourself, guys, because it will make your heart explode with joy. The supermodel is taking some well-deserved time off with her bae, Zayn Malik, and the horseback-riding star is back in her favorite place: a farm.

Hadid shared a 'gram on Tuesday of her boyfriend, former One Direction member Malik, feeding a baguette to a pretty white pony, and honestly what more could you want? Even the model herself is quick to acknowledge that yes, this is her ideal situation. “Heaven is a place on earth !!” she captioned the pic of her boo. Apparently, ponies, boys, and bread are the keys to Hadid’s heart.

In case you didn’t know, the Hadids are skilled horseback riders, having grown up spending a lot of time on the farm.

Last week, Gigi’s little sister Bella shared a few pics of herself on horseback, writing that she had rediscovered her “greatest passion.”

Hey, if modeling falls through, these girls always have a backup career.