By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 26, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

Gigi Hadid stepped out in N.Y.C on Wednesday, and we have some questions.

The 22-year-old supermodel ditched her typical street-side glam for a laidback blue jumpsuit and beige combat boots. However, this wasn’t just ANY blue jumpsuit, but a blue jumpsuit emblazoned with the NASA logo—astronaut style.

Credit: TM / MEGA

We know Gigi likes to make unique style statements, but the NASA suit has us a little confused. Halloween is on Tuesday, but doesn’t Oct. 25 seem a tad early for a Halloween party? Plus, Gigi’s Halloween style is typically much more elaborate (remember her flawless Sandy?).

So if we’re ruling out Halloween, there are two other possible options: Gigi Hadid low-key works for NASA, OR logo-bearing jumpsuits are the latest in haute couture.

Maybe NASA jumpsuits are the 2017 equivalent of wearing a nametag patch with someone else’s name? Is “NASA” the new “Eddie”?

Honestly, we’re wont to believe that Gigi booked a NASA campaign. If anyone could make space exploration look chic, it would be Ms. Hadid.

Regardless of the motive behind her lewk, we’re digging the cobalt blue. If this isn’t already the latest trend, we bet Gigi’s going to set it.