Gigi and Bella Hadid make it obvious that model-looks run in their gene pool. And the latest to join the family business is their recently discovered cousin, Joann van den Herik, from Holland. It's hard to miss the family resemblance. (Also not to be missed are the adorable childhood pictures of Joann with her cousins—scroll down for our favorites!)

As an up-and-coming model, it must be nice to have two runway superstars to turn to for advice. So we asked Gigi the #1 tip she's given Joann. "A pretty face is just a normal thing in the fashion industry. Everyone's pretty," Hadid recently told InStyle recently. "So you have to be hardworking and someone that people like to work with. So they leave at the end of the day and go, 'Wow, I really enjoyed that,' and push for that person the next job that I'm in charge of."

Gigi Hadid Joann van Den Herik
Credit: James Devaney/GC Images; joannvdherik/Instagram

According to Hadid, her body-positive cousin totally has what it takes. "Joann is a kind and hardworking person. That helps you so much because you can't just rely on being good looking and her having a great body," Hadid said, adding that while Joann is naturally beautiful, what really sets her apart are the inspiring messages she posts with her images. "She has to bring something else, and obviously she's doing that in her body positivity and speaking out. She's helping a lot of girls, and I'm so proud of her. She's gonna do great."

Hadid also offered a few tips for anyone looking to up their selfie game. How do you snap a Gigi-worthy Insta shot? "First were gonna go find some really good lighting. Usually I go by the window," she said. But if you find that the natural light coming through the screen is cool rather than warm, find a bright light source inside to post up next to instead, the model said. "Light's the most important."

Joann has definitely mastered her cousin's selfie advice, and so has her equally gorgeous sister Lizzy:

We wonder if Lizzy will be the next to join her family on the runway.