By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Oct 17, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Now the fact that Gigi Hadid’s Maybelline Jetsetter Palette sold out in less than 90 minutes in the U.K. totally makes sense. Thanks to an image shared by celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons, we know this drugstore collaboration is capable of creating the most beautiful, head-turning, radiant glow.

The proof is on supermodel Gigi Hadid herself, who demoed her new palette’s highlighter while out in New York City. "That Highlight!! ✨we used the #gigixmaybelline#jetsetterpalette for that blinding glow!” wrote Parsons on Instagram.

Blinding it definitely is, but we can’t look away. The illuminating highlighter was placed on her cheekbones, and thanks to its subtle yet powerful shimmer, it catches the light at every angle. She's a full-time supermodel, part time angel, apparently.

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"I always wanted a palette that I could throw right in my purse or travel bag and know I have everything to do a light-everyday look, quickly and easily. I didn't want to have to open my makeup bag in the car or on a plane and take all the products out and worry about dropping anything or having somewhere to set it while I held my mirror. The Jetsetter Palette includes contour powder/bronzer, blush, powder highlight, concealer, lip gloss, eye shadow, black powder liner, a mini mascara, mini blush/contour and liner/eyeshadow brushes AND a mirror!!! I love mixing it up and using the lip as cheek tint, the eyeshadow to fill my eyebrows, blush on my eyelids, concealer as a nude lip base, etc. It's the most luxurious touch-up ever!!!!!! Can't wait to see how & where you use yours!" wrote Hadid on Instagram, accompanying a picture of the opened product.

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We don’t know the exact product breakdowns for the rest of her look, but Parsons gave Hadid a coordinating bronzy eye and finished off the look with a crimson red matte lipstick, a very unexpected pop of color given the canary yellow hue of her dress.

Retailing for $30, which really isn’t and considering how much makeup is included, the collection officially hits on October 22, and you can score it in stores on November 4.