She may be temporarily out of the limelight, but Lady Gaga's famous friends still have her back.

As Gaga takes a break from touring to deal with her chronic pain, her fans and fellow celebs haven't been shy about showing their support for the "Million Reasons" singer. Most recently, Gigi Hadid gifted her with a beanie from her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger—the perfect accessory to keep the Grammy winner warm and comfortable as she focuses on her health.

"Thank you @gigihadid & @tommyhilfiger for these generous gifts during my time of healing," Gaga wrote alongside a photo of herself rocking the black-and-red knit beanie on Instagram. "Totally my style and so thoughtful and bad ass. My favorite combination."

Hadid responded to her friend's shout-out on Twitter. "Anything to make u smile @ladygaga!! makin my dreams come true, lookin effortlessly bad ass in tommyxgigi - so honored, my friend," she wrote.

The 22-year-old model followed that post with a moving handwritten message for Gaga, which she shared on Instagram. "Even through your time of healing you lift others, @ladygaga. It takes courage and strength to let people in on what you're experiencing & coping with (in real time!), let alone to not cut the world out," Hadid captioned the post. "Thank you," she added. "You help and inspire so many!"

Gaga, who only recently opened up about her long-term battle with fibromyalgia, spoke about the decision to go public with her health problems in her Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two. "There is an element and a very strong piece of me that believes that pain is a microphone. My pain really does me no good unless I transform it into something that is," she said in the film. "So I hope that people watching it that do struggle with chronic pain know they're not alone."

Get well soon, Gaga!