Gigi Hadid's Maybelline Palette Is Sold Out in the UK—Get Your First Look Here

Like the respective empires of lip kits and contour sticks that came before it, Gigi Hadid's Jetsetter Palette for Maybelline is already selling out and breaking the internet—at least, it did during its launch across the pond.

On the heels of the sneak peek Maybelline gave their Instagram followers yesterday, the first product from the model's collaboration with the brand was launched in the U.K. today, and it promptly flew off Boots shelves in about 90 minutes. To be fair, we can see why. The palette includes mix of tawny neutral shadows, concealer, lip gloss, contour, highlight, and blush stripes, as well as a tiny tube of mascara. They're items Hadid herself takes along while flying around the globe, not to mention, are probably staples in your own makeup bag.

You guys have so much in common, right?

The streamlined shape clad in a milennial pink color scheme ensures the products travel well, and although U.K. customers are awaiting the next restock, the palette is expected to hit the U.S. any day now—althoguh Maybelline's U.S. website indicates Gigi x Maybelline will launch here on Oct 21st.

Hadid revealed that the palette would be arriving exclusively at Ulta soon, and you can sign up at to receive updates via email. It's a good move, considering the palette sold out completely at lightning speed. Still, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground and our eyes to the Maybelline social channels for any developments.

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