Last week, Gigi Hadid proved her prowess as a photographer by capturing boyfriend Zayn Malik for Versus Versace’s new ad campaign. Now, the duo is back with adorable new footage from the shoot.

Hadid interviewed her beau to coincide with the Versus spring 2017 campaign and the clips are seriously adorable. Keep scrolling for nine things we learned about the British singer as well as the private side of their very high-profile relationship.

1. He always wants Hadid by his side.

“When you’re alone, who do you want next to you?” the model asks, to which Malik immediately responds, “You.” Watch here:

2. They call each other “baby.”


3. They have dogs together.

If you needed another reason to believe this is getting serious.

4. He’s a total momma’s boy.

Malik also notes that he’d want his mom by his side, saying, “She cooks some good food.”

5. Hadid has definitely met the parents.

“I miss your mom too. And my mom,” she adds.

6. He loves to cook when he’s in a good mood.

“Personal time to me generally varies on my mood. If I’m in a good mood, I might do a bit of cooking,” he says in a clip:

7. He still plays video games.

“Chilling out” and “playing video games” are other things he does while in a good mood.

8. He knows angry gym time is the best gym time.

“If I’m in a bad mood, I like to do exercise.” We’d bet he goes hard in the boxing ring.

9. He treats his girl like a princess.

“I’m very excited about the fact that I get to share this massive honor with you. Here we are, doing an interview,” he says: