Gigi Hadid Has a Danish Twin and We Seriously Can't Tell Them Apart

Instagram is filled with Kardashian and Jenner (and Sarah Paulson!) look-alikes, but Gigi Hadid doppelgangers are a slightly more rare breed.

The 22-year-old model’s twin (not Bella, we swear) comes in the form of (surprise!) a blonde-haired, blue-eyed European model.

Amalie Schou, the Danish model in question, not only looks nearly identical to Hadid, she seems to dress, pose, and style her hair and makeup *just* like the blonde beauty.

I mean...

Look familiar? (Check the brows.)

Don't freak out, or anything...


Disclaimer: This is NOT Gigi:

Looks like it's time for Gigi and Amalie to plot a Switching Goals-type life swap—for no reason other than that they actually could. Don't get jealous, Bella, but we really think this pairing could take off. I mean, what's could possibly be better than one Gigi Hadid? Two, of course!

Gigi Hadid
gigihadid/Instagram, amaliesc/Instagram

They could even add a third...

#GigiTwinSquad is the new #GirlSquad.

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