Not all heroes wear capes.


Gigi Hadid exhibited model behavior when it came to saving Chanel's spring 2020 show from an overconfident interloper.

As models filed onto the Grand Palais runway in Paris during the Chanel show, a woman, clad in a houndstooth suit and black hat, decided it was her turn to walk. She hopped up from her seat (right near Anna Wintour and Cardi B, of course) and swiftly joined the parade of models for her turn in the limelight without so much as a second thought.

Acting as if she totally belonged on the runway, she placed one hand on her hip and another near her face, and began posing for cameras, expecting all eyes to be on her. But Hadid moved swiftly, blocking her before she ever had a chance to join the lineup and placing her hand firmly on the woman’s shoulder.

As the woman tried to make a hasty retreat, Hadid used her body to block the intruder’s movements, then escorted her off the stage without even breaking a sweat. A group of models then joined Hadid, who didn't even have to put her bag down, to ensure the intruder had definitively left the area. The women then filed offstage, effectively ending the stranger’s apparent attempt at a prank.

Attendees were able to identify the woman as French comedian and performer Marie Benoliel, 28, better known as Marie S'Infiltre. The YouTube personality, who has over 200k subscribers and nearly 200k followers on Instagram, currently has a show running at the Comédie des Champs Elysées theater. This isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to pranking the fashion world, as she had already made an attempt to crash the Etam fashion show earlier this week.

Clad in sparkly, silver lingerie and a sleeping mask, she posted her own images of the event to Instagram, obviously proud of her conquest.

How Benoliel managed to get into the event is unclear, as it appears she wouldn't have been allowed to attend given her first attempt at stealing attention away from the model cast at the Etam show. No official comment has been issued by either Chanel or Etam at this time. But you have to applaud Gigi for being so quick to defuse the situation and ensuring the show went as planned.