What Are Gigi and Bella Hadid Doing in This Photo? An Investigation

When Gigi and Bella Hadid step out together on the streets of N.Y.C., they typically shed their Cali-girl personas in favor of a typical New Yorker attitude. To put it simply, they’re strictly business, walking straight-faced, one in front of the other to get past the paparazzi (see example here).

But on Thursday, something amazing happened: They smiled, laughed, and even held hands while stepping out in the Big Apple. And that’s not the only weird thing about this photo. While Gigi is walking fairly normally (looking cute in a cropped sweatshirt and olive green leggings, might I add), Bella is basically in a sumo squat, seemingly pulling her sister back inside the building. Look closely: They’re not holding hands. Gigi has a lock on her sister’s wrist.

Gigi Bella Fun Day
Splash News/Getty

Let’s postulate what exactly these two are up to, shall we?

1. Gigi was ready to leave, but Bella wasn’t quite done primping.

This could be Bella’s feeble attempt at trying to pull her sister back.

2. Bella’s trying the Taylor Swift-style sideways walk.

As Taylor learned the hard way, walking sideways does not stop you from being seen.

3. Gigi’s giving Bella some fitness tips.

As the face of Reebok, Gigi could be helping Bella work on her fitness. Hey, you’ve got to get those squats in anytime you can!

4. They never learned how to properly hold hands.

International supermodels have busy schedules.

5. They’re just goofing off in front of the paparazzi.

Number five is the most boring but probably the most realistic. Girls will be girls!

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