By Kelsey Glein
Updated Nov 08, 2014 @ 1:58 pm
Credit: Courtesy Photos

In the market for a unique new accessory? Designer extraordinaire Kara Ross is collaborating with cultish fashion illustrator Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson on a line of bold and quirky handbags. Merging Kara’s distinct aesthetic with Donald’s playful style, the partnership resulted in one-of-a-kind wardrobe additions that look like they could be plucked straight from an art gallery!

Best known for his colorful fashion sketches (that are often featured in the pages of InStyle), Robertson has added his personal touch to the lineup in the form of whimsical drawings, witty phrases, and painterly patterns. The limited edition collection of Kara Ross + Donald Robertson styles double as wearable art; each hand-numbered and signed bag is hand-painted by Robertson. The designs will be featured on an assortment of bag styles including totes, shoulder bags, and mini pocketbooks, and come crafted in materials like python, leather, and wax-coated canvas.

"When you ask someone to reimagine the grocery bags you normally paint on in the finest leather and snakeskin and they say yes really quickly, then you know you are collaborating with the right person! That's me and Kara," Robertson tells InStyle. "I love how creative Kara is with precious stones and leathers. The best thing is we have a bag I painted that she made for me named after our daughters! That one is my favorite."

Credit: Courtesy Photos

A selection of Kara Ross + Donald Robertson bags ($300 to $3,000) are available for pre-order now on, and will ship on Nov. 24.