By Andrea Cheng
Updated Mar 17, 2014 @ 1:45 pm
GIF Guide: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Credit: Sarah Balch for; Catwalking/Getty Images

Scarf or hair accessory—or both? For spring 2014, Marc Jacobs sent models down the Marc by Marc runway with their strands tucked underneath silky neck scarves. It may be unconventional, for sure, but don't dismiss the look just yet. The designer demonstrated the scarves' vast versatility, pairing them with just about any outfit from his collection, from sweet-yet-sharp pantsuits to summery floral frocks to iridescent night-out dresses.

For us, that's enough evidence to try out the look ourselves. Watch and learn with our GIF tutorial and step-by-step instructions below.


From runway to real life: Learn how to tie a silky neck scarf, inspired by the @MbyMarcJacobs runway.

Marc Jacobs scarf GIF - Alexandra
Credit: Sarah Balch for

What You’ll Need A silky square scarf. Instead of solids, we used a printed one from Echo Design ($68; for a similar print). Another option to try is this color-block geometric-print one from Vince Camuto ($30; As for you hair, let it down and part it into two sections at the front.

Step 1 Fold the square in half to form a triangle.

Step 2 Start folding from the point at one to two inches in thickness until it forms a long rope.

Step 3 Place scarf behind your neck and use the ends to wrap them around your neck once more, so they end up in the front.

Step 4 Tie the ends together twice, keeping the knot in the center.

Fluff up your hair, and voilá! For more tutorials like this, check out our how-to section.