By Claire Stern
Updated Aug 19, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
Giada de Laurentis Bar - Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Frangelico

Hard-core fans of Giada at Home well know that host Giada De Laurentiis appreciates a good meal—just watch how The Food Network's resident queen of Italian cooking slowly savors the first bite of each dish onscreen. So when we recently sat down with the chef and restaurateur for dinner with Frangelico at pasta-centric trattoria Bar Primi in N.Y.C., we had to ask what her ideal day of eating would look like—and it's even more epic than we imagined.

"I'd start with a Parisian chocolate croissant, straight from Paris—they're a lot flakier and butterier," she said. "Then I'd dunk it in an espresso. For lunch, I would have spaghetti bolognese from Bologna. I would not eat any greens. In the afternoon, I might have french fries from McDonald's—I happen to like those a lot. And then, for dinner, I would have lobster ravioli from my restaurant and finish with Ina Garden's seven layer cake."

We'll have what she's having.