Get Your Homeland Season 3 Fix Via Damian Lewis' October Fashion Feature

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If you've been waiting just as long as we have to welcome back Carrie and Brody to our TV screens, then you know that the wait is (almost) over. Get to know our October Man of Style, Damian Lewis, a little more -- to tide you over those last 24 hours (but who's counting?).

On researching his character: “I like how acting allows you to be an autodidact, to continue learning throughout your life,” he says. “It’s been fascinating to work on Homeland because I’d never read the Koran. Now I’ve been to mosques, and I’ve picked up bits of Arabic. My character, Brody, is a POW, so I’ve done research on post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, I was stopped today by three Canadians who had been injured while serving their country. One had suffered from PTSD and recently watched Homeland. ‘That was my life,’ he said. It matters to me to be able to tell a story well.”

On his American accent: “Playing the role of a blue-collar guy like Brody has become second nature for me. I no longer need coaching or tutorials for my accent. It’s in me," Lewis explains. "In fact, I’ll wake up with an American accent and go to get my groceries in an American accent.”

On his first fashion memory: "I remember my brother and I wearing identical brown flared corduroys and furcollared lumberjack jackets. We were like 8 and 6 years old, and they were all the rage. They had a bomber-jacket shape. Oh, and we had those pudding-bowl haircuts."

Want more? Pick up a copy of InStyle's October issue (on newsstands now) or download it below, for the full Man of Style feature and interview.

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