By Bee Shapiro
Mar 22, 2015 @ 11:12 am

The finale of Girls may be tonight (Sunday, March 22) but you can continue to pester friends with your Hannah-isms all year long. The show has collaborated with the app Bitmoji, known for other famous fans like Victoria Beckham, John Mayer, Chrissy Teigen, on three exclusive emojis. (In fact, you can also create your own avatar with the app.)

For the Girls finale, the three icons include Hannah's (Lena Dunham's character) “Two thumbs the f#@! up” and Shoshanna’s (played by Zosia Mamet) “Obvi” and “Oh. Em. Effing. Gee” expressions.


Just think how easy it'll be to pepper these in conversations. OMG is so last year.


You can download Bitmoji free from the Apple app store.

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