By Andrea Cheng
Updated Jul 20, 2014 @ 2:45 pm
Jenny Packham Candles
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Jenny Packham has made a name for herself for her exquisite bridal creations and her highly coveted ready-to-wear designs (which also happen to be red carpet fixtures and favorites of none other than Kate Middleton). Now, the British designer has sniffed out (pun intended) a new venture to add to her growing empire—limited edition candles. Packham has teamed up with luxury beauty-and-home fragrances brand Neom Organics to concoct two delectable scents.

"We chose to collaborate with Jenny Packham not just because she designs the most inspiringly beautiful dresses in the world, but because of the way the dresses make you feel," said Nicola Elliott, co-founder of Neom Organics. "A precious moment of utter luxury, this is the synergy of Jenny Packham and Neom."

The first candle, "Real Luxury" (above, top) is inspired by bewitchingly beautiful heroines in classic 1940s film noir movies and boasts a heady blend of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood essential oils. As such, the design reflects the inspiration, with a bold 18-carat gold print pitted against an inky backdrop. The second is "Happiness," and like its name suggests, it releases an uplifting blend of white neroli, mimosa flowers and lemon essential oils. The striking 18-carat gold bugle bead pattern pays homage to the beautiful beadwork and embellishments found on Packham's bridal designs.

"I'm a huge believe that scent is linked to mood, and I think we all associate certain scents with certain memories," the designer said. "Each scent befits a mood and a moment. I love both, as I think many women would."

Count us in! The two candles will be available this September in two sizes ($137 for the "luxury" size at a 50-hour burn time; $505 for the "ultimate" size at a 150-hour burn time) at and