Kelly Ripa - Elle Macpherson - Physique 57
Credit: Jim Spellman/FilmMagic;Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

I've been suffering through 57-minute-long full body workouts alongside Kelly Ripa and Elle Macpherson for over a year at Physique 57's Manhattan studios and in turn my butt looks lifted, my arms feel toned and I can do 10 real push-ups! Founders Tanya Becker and Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi created the groundbreaking cardiovascular program made up of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches and they just released three at-home videos—the Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout, the Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout and the Arm and Ab 30 Minute Booster. I just bought them for all my friends in Texas—so they too can get the booty-lifting benefits of weekly thigh dancing.

Physique 57 3-Disc Set, $50; visit