Get Style Advice From Mr. Armani Today in Our Twitterview!

Giorgio Armani InStyle Twitterview
Photo: David Mc Knight, Courtesy

We can't wait for our Twitterview with Mr. Armani today! Known as the designer who brought high fashion to the red carpet in the '80s, Mr. Armani remains a major reference point among actresses who are drawn to the restrained elegance and craftmanship-over-showmanship aesthetic of his clothes. And now you have the chance to get fashion advice straight from the legendary designer himself! Ask Mr. Armani whatever you want to know about breaking into the fashion industry, his biggest design inspirations, or what to wear to a big event you have coming up. You can still send a question in early by commenting on this post with your Q, or by tweeting @InStyle using the hashtag #AskArmani. Then, follow @Armani and @InStyle on Twitter today, November 21 at 11am EST to participate in the Twitterview. Make sure to use #AskArmani to follow along!

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