Get the Scoop on the Glorious Fashion Moments from Last Night's Mad Men

Photo: Courtesy AMC

We caught up with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant this morning for a fashion recap. "I think so much of the episode last night was about illustrating the contrast of the characters," Bryant exclusively tells We had Betty and Sally, Megan and Stephanie (Don's niece), and Peggy and Ginsberg—and each of their interactions provided "woah!" moments (Ginsberg's Van Gogh move, anyone?). There was such a thick plot with so many different emotions. Luckily, just as many outfits served to emphasize each and every turn—some of which loyal Mad Men viewers may have recognized.

"There were a lot of repeats last night! I love that. I think the characters get to relive the costume and their character's costume and also, the audience gets to relive those costume design moments as well. And most importantly, it’s realistic. It’s about showing the character in the most real way," Bryant says.

And even though "there were a lot of revisited moments in costume design last night," one of Bryant's favorite looks from the episode was something new to the scene. "I loved Megan's vintage Pucci party dress," Bryant tells us. "I did a lot of layering with the necklaces for her in last night’s episode. I just love the whole period with the longer necklaces and the big hoop earrings, I think it’s really indicative of the period. And Megan is definitely one of those characters who can do that," Bryant adds.

Click through the gallery for details on Megan's printed Pucci, the other vintage dress she wore, and last night's episode.

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