Get the Scoop on Connie Britton's Very Different Looks from Last Night's Nashville

Photo: ABC/Mark Levine

Last night’s episode of Nashville started off low-key with our favorite country crooners focusing on mending existing relationships and building new ones, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t more than a few dramatic moments. With the glitz and glam of the tour on the backburner, costume designer Susie DeSanto focused on keeping the outfits casual and relatable, especially for Connie Britton's character, Rayna. "We tried to make her look like a very real person so people could relate to what she’s going through with her family situation." And that she did.

Rayna began the episode by putting her troubled past with her father behind her. With her father coming home from jail, she and her girls planned a small homecoming party for him. For the scene, DeSanto chose a light blue patterned Isabel Marant top for Rayna. "I chose that because I wanted her to look clear of heart," says DeSanto. "She’s really trying to make an effort with her father for her daughters, and the top showed a softness and vulnerability." The scene is a happy one with her daughter dressed in cheerful pastel colors, but that soon changes as Rayna uncovers the truth about her father's past transgressions.

To illustrate this, DeSanto transitioned away from light colors and moved towards darker hues, outfitting her in a black cashmere sweater from the Neiman Marcus cashmere line."We worked towards darkness almost as if a dark cloud came over her." With her recent discoveries, we predict that she'll be in this dark place for quite some time, but we'll have to wait three weeks to find out. The next all-new episode of Nashville airs February 26 at 10/9c. Until then, browse through all of this season's fashions.

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