By Jennifer Velez
Apr 11, 2014 @ 1:21 pm
Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Kate Mara is the latest star to go heavy metal with her makeup, opting for gorgeously gold lids at the premiere of Transcendence. While striking, the look is a subtle way to give the lustrous trend a try, and is still sophisticated enough for any occasion. Can’t wait to score the same look? We got the scoop from her makeup artist just in time for the weekend.

After perfecting Mara’s luminous complexion, Coleen Campbell-Olwell swept on the gold metallic shadows, using a purple accent along the lower lash line for a pretty pop of color. As for those lush lashes, “I decided to forgo false lashes and instead lined her top lash line with Antonym’s Certified Natural Eye Pencil in Noir ($18;,” she tells us. “To add density to her lashes, I took a small, dense shadow brush and smudged it in.” Finally, a dusting of Orlane’s Highlight Care Brush ($45; was applied on the inside corner of her eyes for added shimmer.

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