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By this point, you've likely heard "Shut Up and Dance," Cincinnati-based indie band Walk the Moon's infectious pop anthem and serious contender for song of summer 2015. It's already nabbed the number-one spot on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart, peaked in the top ten in Australia, Israel, and the U.K., to name a few, and pummeled through the speakers on almost every radio station across the country. But who are the men behind the smash hit single? Below, get the lowdown on its four members.

Nicholas Petricca

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The 28-year-old frontman is a born leader: He's responsible for bringing the band together in their hometown of Cincinnati back in 2010. He's also a self-professed '80s music obsessive—according to his Twitter, his all-time favorite band is legendary pop-rock outfit Mr. Mister, so that's likely why his music has tinges of New Wave. Fun fact: "Shut Up and Dance" is based on an experience he had at an L.A. Nightclub, where his now-GF asked him to dance. Fast-forward a few years later, and she's probably pretty glad she did.

Kevin Ray

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Petricca's oldest friend and current bassist, Ray reconnected with his bud just in time to join WTM—at his college graduation party (all four members attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio). When he’s not hanging with Australian alt band The Griswolds or catching up on some Disney movies, he’s probably talking about his latest bite to eat. The resident foodie of the group, Ray has tweeted about everything from cold pizza to Krispy Kreme, including deets on some serious lunch breaks while writing the band's latest record, Talking Is Hard.

Eli Maiman

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Maiman may be the only member yet to join the multi-colored hair trend, but he makes his presence known through the electric surge of his quirky guitar solos. His sound is a nod to the Talking Heads circa their live 1984 album Stop Making Sense—a big influence for the whole band—and draws from his roots studying jazz guitar in school. In lieu of colorful hair, he's taken to retro jackets as his onstage staple.

Sean Waugaman

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The drummer and musical backbone of the group, Waugaman has been hitting sets for over 16 years. According to Modern Drummer, he's also a lefty, and alternates between open and closed handed techniques on his kit. And for WTM's most recent tour, he lugged 10 of his own personal snares across the country (talk about dedication!). He's also somewhat of an amateur photographer, snapping artsy pics of his travels and bandmates for his Instagram.