Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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With two small children and a packed schedule, it’s easy to wonder how Jennifer Garner maintains her incredible physique. Turns out, her secret weapon is now available online! Garner recently demonstrated the ValSlide on Ellen Degeneres’s show—in sky-high heels! Created by her longtime trainer, Valerie Waters, the ValSlide forces intense muscle engagement through stabilization, or as Garner explained, makes simple exercises like lunges “harder and better.” “I needed something that was portable and super-efficient,” says Waters, who uses it with her star clients like Garner, Kim Raver and Rachel Nichols. She also told us the best feature is the fast results. “You’ll feel a difference the first time you use them, whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete.” If you’re dying to get toned abs and beach-ready legs like Garner's, try adding 15 minutes of ValSlide exercises to your regular fitness routine. ValSlides start at $30 and are small enough to fit in your purse!